Saturday, January 29, 2022

January Update

Those of you who are regulars at The Strange Ways might be wondering why it's been so quiet round here lately, and why there was no December post. And those of you who are new here, hello! Welcome to my blog, and this years January update!
First, my apologies about the lack of posts in December. It was probably the worst time of year to do it, but my folks and I have moved house. Things are going okay, I'm no longer living out of boxes, but there wasn't much time to write. As a result, the post I had planned for December 2021 has been delayed until December 2022.
As usual, there will be no post in January, other than this update. We'll be back again in February with a new post, so follow me on Twitter or Instagram for updates. 
Where will I be taking the blog this year? It's hard to say. Much like last last year, I had hoped to visit more places, to check them out and write about my own experiences there alongside pre-existing stories. I haven't ruled this out, but since we're still in the middle of an ongoing pandemic, I can't guarantee anything. I've got many posts planned for this year though, and if I'm able to get out and about, then that will be a nice bonus. 
Hope you guys are as excited as I am. Stay spooky, dear readers; we'll be continuing our adventures down The Strange Ways together soon.

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